Pixel Gun 3D – Survival Campaign Mod Features Revealed!


It is pretty exciting indeed, how the advancement in the mobile gaming world has brought such huge positive changes in our life. We can now get entertained and refreshed anytime and anytime. These games are just not all about solo entertainment as there are many multiplayer games to enjoy. One such fine example of multiplayer action packed game is Pixel Gun 3D. It is the mobile game which has many playing modes to offer. In our short article, it would be hard to mention details about all modes so we will only focus on Survival Campaign mode. When you think of playing the game in this particular mod, you need to pay huge attention to pixel gun 3d hack apk. With the tool, you will never fall short of resources like coins and gems.

In this particular story mode, your character will deal with hordes of zombies face to face. The zombies will keep attacking you all the time and from all the side. You need to wipe them out otherwise you will face the end very soon. To whack all the monsters, you are required to make some special efforts and the task is surely not an easy one. Don’t get panic or have fear in your heart. Just try to plan a strategy which will allow you to survive all the attacks. The special aspect of the mod is, you will be facing Evil Zombie Boss. When you are able to beat the boss, you will definitely open the portal of next battles. Survival campaign is one mod which is ideal for the beginners. Here they are served with training camp and with more detailed graphics. As a true game lover, you will definitely enjoy the new looking cool maps along with cool new songs. It seems like the mod doesn’t have many flaws. Without any doubt, the gameplay is definitely more challenging one in which you are not allowed to pass through enemies.

When you play the mod, you need to take special care of narrow passages or even lanes. When you get into these passages and lanes, it would become a lot difficult for you to get out alive. Interesting the mod will feature a wide variety of zombies and enemies. Earlier in the article, we have justified the use of the tool in order to get increased number of coins and gems. When you have more virtual currencies available at your end, the chances of winning the game will increase a lot.

In Survival Campaign mode, you are served with wide choices of arms such as MP5, AK 47 and much more. Without any doubt, the game is cool fun players of all ages. One can easily spend hours playing the game and that too without getting bored for a moment. Pixel Gun 3D is the game to enjoy in your free time and as a beginner, you needs to pay special attention to Survival Campaign mod and its features.

Graphics and Gameplay of Madden Mobile

When it comes to graphics, EA seems to have really hit it off with the Madden Mobile game which seems to exploit every pixel on the mobile screen to provide you with high quality experience like never before. This doesn’t mean console level quality but nevertheless it does justice to the smaller screen whether it is a tablet or a phone which you use to game. The entire experience is enticing and the performance equally matches up to make you literally believe that you are on field, playing football.


As for the gameplay, EA has done an excellent job in figuring the perfect balance between freedom and simplicity. They have not only monitored the movements of the players to run smoothly with your hands on the analog stick, but you will find yourself enjoying your control over the ball carrier as hurdles, junks and spins are all performed proficiently by the press of a button. As for the right moment, you will not have to worry about it as your player will be able to assess the situation and gives you the right action to choose.

Madden mobile has gone above and beyond to provide you with the ultimate game that you will enjoy playing with. The mobile version is so much easier to play when you are on the move and also gives you a way of having fun no matter where you are. The best part about the game is that it is free to download and you can also use madden mobile cheats to play the game better.


Graphics and Performance

Player models make an important mark on the gaming arena and the game gives them proper justice with this app. Though you might not exactly get to look at Drew Brees receding hairline or the tattoo on Colin Kapernick, as you wish, you will still be happy to know that their build and height matches accurately and the numbers of their jerseys back and the names do not fail to give you a clear picture of who they are. As you play the game you will notice that the animation of these models are off the charts and go well with their actual character onscreen. From nailing a field goal by a kicker to the perfect pass of the ball by a quarterback, the game has all the details down to the dot, making the game look and feel the way you expect.

The Stadium Crowd

The stadium filled with audience who scream is a bit of a drawback as it doesn’t exactly give you the gladiator feel that you get at the real NFL stadium, but will still do to play at home with your friends. The game is expected to run pretty well on a variety of contemporary hardware and can be easy to handle. All this aside, the question is: is the game good enough to be played or does the graphics is a way of covering for the lack of gameplay?